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Dr. Barry Burns

Dr. Barry Burns


Why Technical Analysis Indicators are Never Wrong

This brief tutorial demonstrates why charting indicators are always right, which has the tremendous benefit of allowing you to use them to create an objective, rule-based trading method. Why is this? Because indicators are not subjective, they are based on mathematical formulas. Math doesn't fudge outcomes - the same formulas will always generate the same results.

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How I Trade the Eminis

Steve Primo, ProTraderStrategies.com

Hello, my name is Steven Primo and I have been actively trading the markets for over 41 years now.

In this article, I will share with you two highly powerful but simple edges that have literally sustained me throughout my trading career.

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How to Capitalize on the Opening Bell

Geoffrey A. Smith, DTItrader.com

The past 30 years have seen great advances in charts.  In 1987, only brokers had charts, unless you took the pain staking task of drawing them out yourself. In the 1990's we had the internet boom which made attaining charts much easier but many were end of day.  Toward the late '90's trading platforms supplied charts and the chart boom began. 

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The Two Standard Deviation Opening Gap Method

Adrian Manz, TraderInsight.com

Gaps in stock prices occur frequently and there are many theories about how to or if you should trade them. Many traders pay special attention to “opening gaps” — the move from the previous day’s close to today’s open — as a guide for intraday trades.

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