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Lawrence McMillan

Lawrence McMillan


Will The Short Volatility Trade Ever Disappear?

We have written many times about the “Big (Volatility) Short.”  It is a very profitable trade, for the most part. It comes about because of the upward-sloping term structure of the $VIX futures during a “normal,” bullish market. In its simplest, original form, one merely shorts the $VIX futures a month or two out in time and sits back, waiting for the passage of time to bring the futures prices down to meet $VIX at expiration. In effect, the “time decay” of the premium in the $VIX futures produces a profit for the short sellers of $VIX futures.

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Price Action…The Reality & Truth of the Markets

Todd Mitchell, TradingConcepts.com

I am a huge believer and strong advocate of Price Action – everything you use to make your trading decisions should be secondary to Price – certainly any technical indicators.  You will soon discover that Price Action alone needs to be the cornerstone and foundation from which a successful and long-lasting trading methodology is created.

You need to follow Price Action because everything known is reflected in Price. Markets are driven by human greed, fear, and panic, and all this is reflected in a chart – Pure Price Action!  Todd Mitchell

What I’m going to do in this article, is prove to you time and time again that the closest thing to a ‘holy grail’ tool for trading the markets is pure Price Action – besides, of course, what’s going on in your head.  I believe that once you read this article, you will be absolutely blown away by what you will learn, and you soon will wonder how you ever got by without using Price Action as your foundational trading tool.  But first, before I continue, let me give you…

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Why Technical Analysis Indicators are Never Wrong

Barry Burns, TopDogTrading.com

This brief tutorial demonstrates why charting indicators are always right, which has the tremendous benefit of allowing you to use them to create an objective, rule-based trading method. Why is this? Because indicators are not subjective, they are based on mathematical formulas. Math doesn't fudge outcomes - the same formulas will always generate the same results.

Some traders don't use indicators because most are lagging in their nature. While there is some truth to that, it's not the wholetruth. If a trader focuses on price bars only, they are also lagging, because your trading assumptions are based on previously posted data.

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An Options Strategy That Can Yield Consistent Week-Over-Week Results

Bryan Perry, BryanPerryInvesting.com

One of the most successful option strategies that gets little to no press is that of selling naked puts on common stocks. All the attention is given to the massive call purchases on short-term, out-of-the-money contracts that offer the most potential exponential returns. But they also make for the most risky of all options trading strategies, and that is why 90% of those types of trades expire worthless. That’s not a typo.

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