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Marc Nicolas

Marc Nicolas


Master Position Sizing and Capital Allocation in 4 Easy Steps

One of the most important aspects of keeping you in the game as a trader is often over-looked. In this article, you will learn 4 steps from a 17 year trading veteran on how to master this element of successful trading

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The Equality Trade Using Elliott, Fibonacci And Harmonics

Jody Samuels, FXTradersEdge.com

The Equality Trade is a chart setup that uses the convergence of Elliott , Fibonacci and Harmonics to identify precise trade entries and exits.

When I look back over my 30+ year trading career, I can’t point a single time where I didn’t use Elliott waves in my analysis of the markets. In fact, I won’t trade without it.


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Understanding What the Smart Money Does in the Currency Markets

Ricardo Menjivar, PhoenixTradingStrategies.com

What you are about to be read in on will be the formula that will help you to understand how the banks program their Artificial Intelligence (Robotic Algorithms) to trade the Forex Markets. Why is this important? Because you cannot properly trade if you don’t have the rules of the game and in these cases the Banks create rules by which they manipulate information and their own data to confuse you.

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How to Find a Great Options Trade

John Thomas, MadHedgeFundTrader.com

You’ve spent vast amounts of time, money, and effort to become an options trading expert.

You know the difference between bids and offers, puts and calls, exercise prices and expiration days.

And you still can’t make any money.

Now What?

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