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Jason Leavitt

Jason Leavitt


Group Strength: A Force Not To Be Ignored

Birds of a feather flock together - proverb

The concept works with people - you are likely to become the average of your five best friends.

And it's true on Wall St., too.

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A Simple Low-Risk, High Probability Options Strategy

Chuck Hughes, ChuckHughes.com

One of the simplest but most effective entry timing indicators are the Keltner Channels which can quickly and easily be downloaded from investing websites such as www.StockCharts.com. Steps for down loading the Keltner Channels follow.

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Scoring in the Forex Red-Zone With Institutional Target Trading

NOFT-Traders, NOFT-Traders.com

It’s Sunday afternoon, your team is in the playoffs and the hair is standing on the back of your neck. Once again, they’ve grounded and pounded an agonizing 80 yards over seven minutes to find themselves knocking on the door again.

Will they get it done and come away with a TD and 7 to keep this close? Or will they eke out another field goal, essentially wasting all that time for only three points? The game hangs in the balance and time is running out.

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Finding High-Value Entries With Macro And Micro Volume

NOFT-Traders, NOFT-Traders.com

At an undisclosed location in the North Atlantic 1,000 feet below sea level, during the height of the Cold War. A game of cat and mouse was unofficially being played. The table stakes for this round: the fate of the world and the pride of two super powers.

As the US and USSR played a deadly game of chess, it was the nuclear submarine commanders who held the power. At their disposal: high-powered sonar. This told them everything they needed to know about their whereabouts, the enemy, and how they needed to maneuver.

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