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Rick Saddler

Rick Saddler


Key Habits You Need to Master for Trading Consistency

Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned veteran, every trader has bad habits that they would like to change. Some habits are buried deep within and need to be brought to the surface so they can be identified and changed. 

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A Trading Strategy that Covers Your Living Expenses

Geoffrey A. Smith, DTItrader.com

The cost of living is expensive. Think back 20 or so years and see if you can remember what you thought it would cost to send your kids to college, or what the price of groceries would be. Are your utilities higher? Between currency devaluation and inflation, things cost much more now than what we expected.

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A High Powered Trade Setup that Works in Any Market Condition

Larry Gaines, PowerCycleTrading.com

After decades of trading, most all major markets, I've learned that the key to trading success, in any type of market environment, usually starts out with  market direction but there is one trading strategy that is equally likely to profit whether the market you're trading goes up, down or sideways.

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Candlestick Patterns: The Hammer Signal

Stephen Bigalow, CandlestickForum.com

One of the most visually compelling candlestick patterns is the hammer signal. This signal is easily recognized by the lower shadow also known as the tail that protrudes to the downside after an extended downtrend.

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