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Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene


Trading Big Money Breakouts Using the Ichimoku Cloud

The Ichimoku Cloud is a technical indicator I first encountered while traveling through Asia in 2006. Talking shop with other traders I met on my travels, I quickly realized that this ‘Cloud’ they kept referring to was different from any other indicator I had ever used. I was also surprised at how simple and intuitive the Cloud was to use. While it may look confusing at first, the Ichimoku Cloud is actually one of the simplest indicators to use. Before we can approach the actual applications of the Cloud, let’s discuss what the Cloud actually is.

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A 5 Step Plan for Trading Earnings

James Ramelli, AlphaShark.com

While many traders tend to avoid trading earnings due to the high level of gap risk there can be some great opportunities for a trader who is using a systematic and methodical trading plan. Here we will go over 1 trade setup in NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) using a plan for earnings trade analysis ahead of their May earnings release. The plan has only 5 steps and is a great way for traders to analyze and trade options spreads in stocks ahead of earnings.

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Brand New Indicator Nails Precise Entries and Exits

John Skelton, ApexInvesting.net

Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple, straightforward way to captalize on market reversals and eliminate guesswork when entering and exiting your futures or Forex trades?

The  Volume Accumulation and Distribution (VAD) indicator measures the volume within a trend from point A to point B. It is very different from other volume indicators which measures the volume in a bar.

In this video, John Skelton explains how to use the indicator with multiple examples. Within a few minutes, you will be able to witness the power of this brand new indicator!

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Secrets of Trapped Traders

Rob Mitchell, OilTradingRoom.com

One of the biggest issues that intraday traders have to deal with these days is high tech trading that is driven by lightning fast execution and analysis capabilities that are driven by computers that typically reside at the exchange and that can see and respond to order flow at a level 99% of all traders could not compete with. 

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