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Stephen W. Bigalow

Stephen W. Bigalow


High Profit Candlestick Signals and Patterns

As long as buyers and sellers have been trading the markets, two predominant sentiments have been in play: fear and greed. Centuries ago, Japanese rice traders developed the candlestick method to graphically depict trader sentiment. It has worked successfully for hundreds of years, and still works today. Candlestick analysis can help you make better trading decisions about investor sentiment in the markets. There are 50-60 signals to learn, but eight of the most successful candlestick signals will be discussed in this lesson.

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Putting the Short Squeeze on Options

Mark Sebastian, OptionPit.com

One of the most profitable ways to trade is to spot a short squeeze in a stock, commodity, or index.  They happen somewhat often in individual names, less often in commodities, and rarely in an index.  Thus we are going to concentrate on looking at stock short squeezes which happen extremely often.   In this chapter I will discuss what a short squeeze is, how to spot one, and finally how to trade a short squeeze using option trades in the simple form with a follow up in the form of a video that walks through a complex option approach.

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How to Earn 30% In A Year In A Low Yield Market

Steven Place, InvestingWithOptions.com

Even with the recent rally in bond yields, the 30 year US Treasury sits at 3%. That means for every $10,000 you invest, you get back a whopping 300 bucks. .

In a year. Seems pretty disappointing, doesn’t it?

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Predicting Markets Using Volume and Price

Nigel Hawkes, HawkeyeTraders.com

The financial markets are driven by two forces: volume and price (momentum). Understand how they work, and you will have the roadmap for your journey as a successful trader. Volume shows where the professionals are buying and selling.


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