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Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell


Price Action…The Reality & Truth of the Markets

As you may or may not know about me, I am a huge believer and strong advocate of Price Action – everything you use to make your trading decisions should be secondary to Price – certainly any technical indicators.  You will soon discover that Price Action alone needs to be the cornerstone and foundation from which a successful and long-lasting trading methodology is created.

You need to follow Price Action because everything known is reflected in Price. Markets are driven by human greed, fear, and panic, and all this is reflected in a chart – Pure Price Action!  Todd Mitchell

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Use this "J" Pattern to Catch Large Stock Bounces

Staff Writer, ChartExperts.com

Picture a bungee jumper diving off a bridge. He drops into a free-fall completely trusting the cord attached to him. As  he reaches the  bottom of his descent, the cord starts to stretch, until the elasticity reaches its peak. Then in an instant.  he get's propelled back up ward with high velocity.

Can This Simple Law of Physics Help You Uncover Huge Moves in Stocks? 

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Naked Put Writing: A Strategy for All Hours

Lawrence McMillan, McMillanAsset.com

The sale of a naked put is often a very attractive strategy that is conservative, can out-perform the market, can have a high-win rate, and can be analyzed and sometimes constructed in non-market hours. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the background on put writing, show a systematic way to select which puts are best to write, and finally explain how you can implement them into your trading arsenal “outside normal hours.”


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If I Had to Choose One Indicator, It Would Be This

Roger Scott, MarketGeeks.com

I participated in a trading webinar this past weekend where I demonstrated a few strategies to about 1,000 traders. The question I got asked the most over and over by at least 20 participants was to provide my favorite indicator for trading technical analysis strategies.

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