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Stephen Bigalow

Stephen Bigalow


Volatility and Candlesticks

Volatility! Bad? Most investment advisors steer investors away from volatile stocks or any volatile trading entity. But for the candlestick investor, volatility is extremely profitable. Candlestick signals are based upon a very simple premise. The signals are formed based upon the change of investor sentiment. This allows for accurate evaluations of price movements whether a trading entity is slow or steady as well as volatile price action. When you hear a money manager tell you that you cannot time the markets, get away as soon as possible. That money manager does not know how to time the markets.

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Three Key Indicators for Trading Credit Spreads

Peter Schultz, CashflowHeavenPublishing.com

There is something valuable in watching a chart develop over time.

It’s interesting to note how much value early stock traders reported receiving from manually plotting a chart with pencil and paper back before computers became commonplace.

These traders swore that because of the painstaking method of tracking a stock by hand they got to know its movement intimately. It’s like getting to know the personality of the stock—the moods and patterns of what the stock is doing—-and likely to do next.


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Leveraging Market Forces to Your Advantage

Larry Gaines, PowerCycleTrading.com

After decades of trading, most all major markets, the biggest trading lesson learned is the importance of using options for the unmatched trading benefits they offer.

Options, used correctly, can provide any trader a much higher degree of trading success due to the defined, controlled risk and great leverage for generating Big Gains.

At Power Cycle Trading our trading approach is based on a defined Directional Trading Process designed to identify new breakout trends early and then trade these trends using options for a Leveraged Trading Advantage with Low, Defined Risk.

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Candlestick Analysis: The Hammer Signal

Stephen Bigalow, CandlestickForum.com

One of the most visually compelling candlestick patterns is the hammer signal. This signal is easily recognized by the lower shadow also known as the tail that protrudes to the downside after an extended downtrend.

The hammer signal is comprised of one candle and it is easily identified by the presence of a small body with a shadow at least two times greater than the body. It is found at the bottom of a downtrend and this shows evidence that the bulls started to step in. The color of the small body is not important but a white or green candle has slightly more bullish implications than a black or red body. A positive day is then required the following day to confirm this signal.

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