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Stephen Bigalow

Stephen Bigalow


Eliminating Emotions in Trading

The psychology of investing not only affects individual investors but also affects the market as a whole. Many investors often underestimate or are unaware of the affects that our emotions have on our return on investment. Many well educated and competent traders lose money due to trading anxiety and trading emotions. In today’s article we will discuss various emotions felt everyday by online stock investors and how each emotion affects trading decisions and trading performance.

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5 Questions that Can Make You a Better Trader Right Now

Matt Choi, Certustrading.com

Matt Choi is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) with over 17 years of trading experience and the founder and chief strategist of Certus Trading, a company dedicated to teaching traders how to trade stocks, ETFs, options, currencies, commodities and financial futures.  Matt is a rule-based swing trader who applies the strategy of using proven rules and market patterns to inform his own trading and the education he provides at Certus Trading.  Matt derives these trading strategies through long-term testing and deep studying of the markets.

In this short article, Matt addresses 5 areas that traders need to master to ensure consistency.

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Use These Three Indicators to Trade Credit Spreads

Peter Schultz, CashflowHeavenPublishing.com

There is something valuable in watching a chart develop over time.

It’s interesting to note how much value early stock traders reported receiving from manually plotting a chart with pencil and paper back before computers became commonplace.

These traders swore that because of the painstaking method of tracking a stock by hand they got to know its movement intimately. It’s like getting to know the personality of the stock—the moods and patterns of what the stock is doing—-and likely to do next.

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Trading the Open of the U.S. Equities Market

Melissa Armo, TheStockSwoosh.com

A random walk. That is what most people think the stock market is. Just a series of random events with no predictable pattern or link. Just total randomness.

Well, the fact is that most people are right. Most of the time during the trading day the market is random and has no predictable pattern.

This is why so many lose. I have traded the market for years, but realized long ago that MOST of the time the market is random, and people try to make too much out of insignificant patterns that give little odds of success. However, success comes from those few times where there is NOT randomness, when there IS a predictable pattern. When you find these times, it is when you have an edge.

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