Todd Gordon

Options Strategies for Smaller Accounts

By Todd Gordon, TradingAnalysis.com

Most traders starting out usually begin with a small account. In this video, I am going to assume that you have a basic understanding of how options work, and then I am going to show you some very simple strategies that have worked quite well for me in my years of trading options.

So we are going to hit the ground running while I show you strategies that I trade each day with my own money. I set up my trades using a disciplined approach where I manage my money.

There are 3 main goals to trading a small account:

  • You need to be extremely diligent in protecting your account
  • We want to take our smaller-size account and grow it into a medium or larger sized account, so we have a little more wiggle room in our trading.
  • The goal to trading and growing a small account is efficient use of buying power in margin. You want to utilize the best strategies to maximize the limited resources you have on hand.

So, let’s get started, and I will walk you through several ways to trade a small account with options.




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