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Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell


Price Action…The Reality & Truth of the Markets

As you may or may not know about me, I am a huge believer and strong advocate of Price Action – everything you use to make your trading decisions should be secondary to Price – certainly any technical indicators.  You will soon discover that Price Action alone needs to be the cornerstone and foundation from which a successful and long-lasting trading methodology is created.

You need to follow Price Action because everything known is reflected in Price. Markets are driven by human greed, fear, and panic, and all this is reflected in a chart – Pure Price Action!  Todd Mitchell

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The Best Performing Indicators for ETFs

Kirt Christensen, ETFTippingPoint.com

The ETFs market is a huge reflection of crowd psychology playing over two basic human emotions; greed and fear. Professional ETF traders understand this, and rather than relying on greed and fear, they keenly follow the mood of the market as informed by technical analysis and/or candlestick patterns.

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Four Methods I Use to Help Predict Market Turns

Rob Booker, RobBooker.com

It's not easy to predict a market turn. But knowing how to do it is an important part of trading.

Being able to accurately predict a market turn can:

  • Create big trades, at the point where new trends start
  • Help you get out of trades that have gone bad
  • Make you look cool at cocktail parties (LOL)

In this article,  I'll show you my favorite ways to predict a market turn.

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Candlestick Patterns: Bullish Engulfing Signal

Stephen Bigalow, StephenBigalow.com

The bullish engulfing signal is important to learn since it is one of the major candlestick patterns. When the elements of this signal are broken down an investor can clearly understand what was going on in investor sentiment to cause a reversal. Four hundred years of observations from Japanese Rice traders has recognized this signal as a very high probability reversal signal.

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