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Mark Sebastian

Mark Sebastian


Riding the Wheel

Many ‘old school’ brokerage firms put vast restriction on the use of options.  One thing they might let traders do is sell ‘covered calls’ against a position.  Covered calls are a great way to produce income against a portfolio of relatively low volatility stocks. They are not the only way though.  One can sell ‘cash secured puts’ as a way of collecting income in stocks that one might want to own someday, or to simply produce income.  

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How to Retire in 5 Years or Less on $13,000 per Month, Tax Free

Peter Schultz, CashFlowHeavenPublishing.com

s it really possible to retire in five years or less on $13,000 per month, tax-free? At Cashflow Heaven, that’s exactly what we teach. What we do is teach people how to safely and effectively generate cash flow from the stock market, tax-free. Once you learn how to do that, you can literally create an income—and perhaps even financial independence—from anywhere in the world you can find an Internet connection.

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A Closer Look at Some Controversial Stocks

Staff Writer, ChartExperts.com

Controversial or not, it’s still one of the most profitable stories of 2017.

Multiple states have approved its medicinal and/or recreational use.  Several more are likely to follow suit. And while Canada has noted it would take its time with regards to broad legalization, the opportunity to find profitable opportunities is big.

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3 Options Strategies to Protect Your Trades and Investments

Dr. Barry Burns, TopDogTrading.com

Although many people trade options in place of stocks, they were originally created to hedge stock positions and they can do that quite well if you know what you’re doing.

I’ll share with you 3 different strategies on how you can use options to protect your primary positions, whether it is stocks, commodities, futures or currencies. 

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