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Geoffrey A. Smith

Geoffrey A. Smith


How to Capitalize on the Opening Bell

I work off of opens, not closes.  At the close, you already know who won or lost. And how many of you have been able to start a race at the end?  Not me.  So I look at the open to see who is winning, because I want to be on the winning team.  You will find that the market will hold the opens as support and resistance, and does not really care about closes.  If the market is above open, bulls are in control.  If the market is below the open, bears are in control.

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How To Buy Low for Bigger Profits, Less Stress, and More Enjoyable Trading

Geoff Bysshe, MarketGauge.com

You’re about to discover a focused approach to anticipating the markets’ next move, along with trading tactics that lead to immediate profits and trade entries you can be confident in trading whether you are a new trader or have years of experience.

Think about how you feel, and how you tend to trade, when a new trade is substantially profitable immediately after you enter it. Now contrast that feeling with how you feel, and tend to trade, when the market is about to close and you’ve been in a trade for a few hours that is trading at a loss.

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1-2-3 Method for Trading

Jody Samuels, FXTradersEdge.com

Today we are going to talk about the transactions of the foreign exchange market known as the spot market. This market involves a worldwide electronic network of banks, brokers and other financial intermediaries.

Unlike the stock exchange markets, Forex has no physical location – it’s completely electronic. This ensures that transactions happen in seconds directly with the market makers. All profits are settled immediately in cash.

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The Right Way to Trade Tops and Bottoms

Steve Primo, SpecialistTrading.com

Have you ever wondered why most traders consistently lose money? There are several reasons why this happens, but it’s usually because traders follow some outside system they picked up somewhere, and followed it blindly.

It may work for a while, until it ultimately fails. Some traders can make five or six successful trades, and give all of their money back on the seventh trade.

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