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Larry Gaines

Larry Gaines


A Trading Guide for Building Wealth and Income

Trading for yourself can be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, if you are educated about what you are trading and if you stay focused on managing your trading risk.

I tell my clients and members “there’s no perfect trader…there’s no perfect system… it’s a journey of learning and I am on that journey too…constantly learning each and every day…”

And in my opinion the most important lesson in trading is that you should not be just focused on making money but should really be focused on managing your trading attitude and risk and then the profits will come…

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Nine "Life Hacks" To Make You a Better Trader

Joshua Martinez, MarketTraders.com

Some of the most popular social media posts are the so-called “Life Hacks”.  These fun little strategies take the worry out of doing everyday chores and generally make life easier.

Just like you can use life hacks to make life easier, you can use strategies to make trading the Forex easier.

By sticking with these Forex Life Hacks, you increase your chances of Forex success:

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Moving Average Crossover Tactics

Roger Scott, MarketGeeks.com

One of the most fundamental technical analysis tools that traders start off with is the moving average indicator. A few weeks ago I presented a short tutorial on utilizing the moving average indicator for short term trading. I demonstrated the best settings and presented a few demonstrations so that traders could get a good feel for using this basic analysis tool.

Today I want to expand a bit more and present a tutorial on using two moving averages instead of just one. The method is called the moving average crossover and it's probably one of the first if not the first indicator that was used to create a trading system decades earlier. If you look at publications going back 50 years, especially those that focused on commodities you will see the dual moving average crossover in action.

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Price Action…The Reality & Truth of the Markets

Todd Mitchell, TradingConcepts.com

I am a huge believer and strong advocate of Price Action – everything you use to make your trading decisions should be secondary to Price – certainly any technical indicators.  You will soon discover that Price Action alone needs to be the cornerstone and foundation from which a successful and long-lasting trading methodology is created.

You need to follow Price Action because everything known is reflected in Price. Markets are driven by human greed, fear, and panic, and all this is reflected in a chart – Pure Price Action!  Todd Mitchell

What I’m going to do in this article, is prove to you time and time again that the closest thing to a ‘holy grail’ tool for trading the markets is pure Price Action – besides, of course, what’s going on in your head.  I believe that once you read this article, you will be absolutely blown away by what you will learn, and you soon will wonder how you ever got by without using Price Action as your foundational trading tool.  But first, before I continue, let me give you…

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