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Stephen Bigalow

Stephen Bigalow


Eliminating Emotions in Trading

The psychology of investing not only affects individual investors but also affects the market as a whole. Many investors often underestimate or are unaware of the affects that our emotions have on our return on investment. Many well educated and competent traders lose money due to trading anxiety and trading emotions. In today’s article we will discuss various emotions felt everyday by online stock investors and how each emotion affects trading decisions and trading performance.

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See Which Stocks are Set to Soar & Crash Next

Ron Haydt, FinanChill.com

Knowing which stocks are set to soar or crash can be the difference between having another so-so year or an amazing year. In this short video, we'll show you the best performing stocks based on three words... Proven Track Records.

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The 52 Week Pop Strategy

Roger Scott, WealthPress.com

Today I’m going to teach you a great momentum strategy. This is one of the first strategies I teach people who want to learn to day trade Stocks, Futures and Forex markets.

One thing I observed over the years is markets tend to get volatile when they approach and break through the 52 week high/low price point.

The reason for this volatility is because the 1 year high/low area is the center of focus for many traders including professional hedge funds and mutual funds who put a lot of weight into the 52 week high/low price.

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SPX and VIX Trading

Mark Sebastian, OptionPit.com

Jim Cramer calls me his ‘VIX GUY’ because when he has VIX questions I have the answers.  It’s not that I am super smart or some sort of mathematician, it’s because I had the opportunity to trade at the firm that rolled out the product. 

Being in close proximity to the brains behind the index helped me learn the ins and outs of the product,  just like if I was a ball boy for a baseball team,  or a student manager for a basketball team.  This is why I can confidently say that understand the VIX is not that hard, and using it might be even easier than understanding it. 

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