Barry Burns

Technical Analysis Indicators Are Never Wrong

By Barry Burns,

This brief tutorial demonstrates why charting indicators are always right, which has the tremendous benefit of allowing you to use them to create an objective, rule-based trading method. Why is this? Because indicators are not subjective, they are based on mathematical formulas. Math doesn't fudge outcomes - the same formulas will always generate the same results.

Some traders don't use indicators because most are lagging in their nature. While there is some truth to that, it's not the whole truth. If a trader focuses on price bars only, they are also lagging, because your trading assumptions are based on previously posted data.

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The lesson in this video shows how to create an objective, rule-based trading method with a rarely used (but highly effective) indicator that helps you determine if the market is in a weak trend (which would stop you out) or a strong trend (which will follow through in your favor). 


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Barry Burns

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