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A Better Way to Find and Trade Stocks

By Ron Groenke, WallStreetWinning.com

Did you know that 69% of the new millionaires created last year are a result of the stock market? It’s true. This is an opportunity that stands right before of you. Every day stocks go up and down and someone makes a profit. The question is, how can you win in the stock market? I have been working on this question for over twenty-five years and have finally developed the magic formula (algorithm) that will help anyone become a winner on Wall Street. In fact I have made my trade technology available for anyone to use at WallStreetWinning.com.

My career has been in the computer hardware, software, and communications industry. I have a degree in mathematics and have developed many simulations and models to optimize almost anything. The range has been from production/distribution, warehouse layout and computer hardware to communications/networking software. I have written many programs, starting my career at NASA writing code for handling the communications for Apollo 7 & 8. More recently I have developed code that searches the Internet for excellent investment opportunities. I have won Excellence in Engineering and Innovation awards and became a NCR Laureate. My product ideas have generated billions of dollars in product revenue for multiple firms.

This base of knowledge has allowed me to develop a stock and options investing model that has been used and perfected over the last ten years, which I am now revealing to you so that you can also become a Wall Street winner.

To be successful in the stock market you need to take control and be in charge of how your assets are invested. Would you like to spend less time analyzing and more time enjoying life?

It's time to stop giving the market permission to steal your hard-earned money. You can discover for yourself how to produce amazing, consistent, and reliable investment results month after month and year after year.

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest threat to your wealth is the age-old idea of “buy and hold” investing. Millions of investors, possibly you included, have fallen prey to this antiquated, failed system and have lost tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars. I want every investor to be on the right side of every trade. Yes, the proprietary algorithms behind my system are complex, but I've made it easy for you to use.

Just click a few buttons and the computer will get to work crunching all of the numbers. Within a few minutes you’ll have a guide for a list of stocks and ETF’s that you can either invest in or let the system AUTO trade for you directly. You will know:

  • Which Stocks to BUY? It’s time to BUY.
  • Which Stocks to SELL? Make sure to SELL
  • Which Stocks to HOLD? Do nothing. You’re fine or you can write covered calls against your positions to generate some additional cash flow.
  • Which Stocks to WAIT on? Wait means wait.

Even with all of the fundamental analysis, price to earnings ratios, economic projections, news events and TV talk shows on investing; all they tell you is where they “think the market should be.” Just remember, they are all just selling air-time.

It’s actually true that the market will tell you what it's going to do next. That's right, the market will tell you everything you need to know, you just need to learn how to listen, which I’ll show you how to do.

Does history repeat itself? Some say yes, some say no, others say everything is random.

My investing experience over the last twenty-five years has taught me that the stock market is not random and that history does repeat itself. The key to investing success is to recognize this and take advantage of it, which I have done very successfully.

By knowing what to look for and observing just a few of the signals on any given stock or ETF, you can catch the most profitable market swings. This is even possible on a weekly basis.

The incredible breakthrough I've been talking about is called the Winning Signal based on the Groenke V theory. It is a part of my tool set that has made a lot of investors a lot of money. If you are able to predict the direction of a stock with a high degree of accuracy, then the opportunity for success is endless. That is just what I’ll reveal in this book along with fully implemented strategy at WallStreetWinning.com.

The Winning Signal implements a Black Box algorithm that looks at what has happened in the past, for any stock or ETF, and provides an indication of when to Buy, Hold, Sell, or just Wait (do nothing). The details of the algorithm are revealed and described for your review and analysis.

Here is one of the many opportunities that could make a significant positive impact in your portfolio. AMAZON [AMZN] ended down by 22% in 2014. So holding it all year gave you nothing. Following the Winning Signal would have netted you a 29.67% return for the same time frame. Now that is significant. Another example is American Express [AXP]. It had a gain of 5.14% in 2014. The Winning Signal produced a 20.57% return with three trades that were all profitable. How about this one, CVR Energy [CVI]. It was down 1.53% in 2014 but WS produced a 46.14% return with four trades. Using the Winning Signal low risk weekly trade rules provided a return of 33.22% with 23 trades and ownership of 21 days or less.

What Kind of Investor Are You? Can Investing Actually be Sexy?

Are you an investor, trader, collector or gambler? It depends on your point of view. An investor is a person who commits money in order to earn a financial return. A trader is a person whose business is buying and selling regularly. I consider myself an investor that trades stocks. I commit assets to generate a return. In the process, I buy and sell, knowing that to earn a return, one needs to sell the asset at a higher price than its purchase price. You make money by selling. We don’t simply suggest that you buy low and sell high. Most times we buy high and sell higher.

If you buy and hold equity without the intent to sell, perhaps you are a collector. The asset may be worth a lot more in the future, but that could be generations away. If the past ten years is any indication of the future, to buy and hold could be termed a collector strategy.

If you are the type of person that takes stock tips from the shoeshine boy, then you are definitely the gambler. If you base your trades not on history, not on facts, not on fundamentals and simply on what some talking head on TV says, or because you like a certain symbol, you just might be the gambler. Gamblers can be sexy when they are winning, but sooner or later if the gambler plays long enough they will eventually lose. That is not sexy.

Being successful is about winning and the confidence associated with a consistent positive return. This is possible if you know when to buy and when to sell. Equities have up and down cycles just like the economy. Some equities are in step with the economic cycle and others are not. During 2014, many equities like General Electric (GE) or Boeing (BA) were falling with the economic uncertainty, while other companies like Apple (AAPL) were moving up and making new highs. The problem is, there are very few stocks that perform like Apple. It is a fact. So how do you win in this type of environment?

This is the beauty and challenge of investing in equities. If you are able to predict the direction of a stock with a high degree of accuracy, then the opportunity for success is endless. Endless success is SEXY! That is what I am revealing to at WallStreetWinning.com.

My technical analysis algorithm and process (Winning Signal) uses stock price trend, pattern, and trading history to determine when to buy and sell any stock.

To demonstrate my process, let’s look at the opportunity to generate a return in Microsoft [MSFT] or Nike [NKE]. In looking at the charts below, it seems rather obvious that one could buy NKE and just hold it, since it is going up (in hindsight). With MSFT it is more difficult since it was up and down and ended slightly down for the past twelve months. But there is significant opportunity with MSFT if you know when to buy and sell.

If you had invested $10,000 in each at the beginning of the period, you would have had a $2,870 gain with NKE and a $286 loss with MSFT.

Now, let’s apply the Winning Signal technology to these two stocks and see what the results are. For NKE there were 3 trades with a net return of $4,036. For MSFT there were 3 completed trades with a positive return of $2,598. So in both cases the Winning Signal outperformed the straight up buy and hold strategy by a wide margin.

Okay, now I am sure you are already thinking in your mind that this seems a little too good to be true and that I picked the example to make everything look super. Well, that is not the case and, to dispel those thoughts, here is a summary of the results for all thirty stocks in the DOW index.

The Winning Signal on average provides significant additional return when compared to the traditional buy and hold strategy. Do a review, and judge for yourself.

Now that we have determined that you are an investor and that investing can be sexy. What kind of investor are you? Are you conservative? Are you moderate? Are you aggressive? There really is no wrong or right answer here. Your level of risk is a personal taste and everyone is different. At different times in your life and even different days in your life, you may be one, all three, or none at all. The choice is up to you.

You can be a successful investor as any other, by using Winning Signals. It works for the most conservative investors to the most high-risk, aggressive investor. Why? Because, it uses math and science to give you the best possible outcome. This alone gives you both an advantage and a strategy in your investing. Strategy is the cornerstone of making money in the markets.

This is where judgment and style of investing enter the picture. I personally believe it is more productive to take a number of small gains to the bank over time rather than going for the big win. Singles and doubles win a lot of baseball games. Home runs are nice but very unpredictable. There is nothing sexy about unpredictability. Sex appeal and confidence go hand in hand. Greed is not sexy. Losing is not sexy and most certainly, striking out is not sexy.

I have experienced many singles and doubles during the last twenty-five years of my investing life. And my wife Jean will tell you that is pretty sexy. Singles and doubles have allowed me to buy nice cars for my wife, a beautiful, Florida home on the water and anything her heart could desire. It allowed me to put my kids through college, and it allows me to leave a legacy for my grandchildren.

There is no need to get greedy and try to triple your money overnight. It’s just not attractive and, more times than not, it is gambling and you will end up a long-term loser. You may think you are missing out on the out of the park “big one” gain, but the trade data shows that you can be just as successful with a slow moving industrial like MSFT versus a high fashion trendy stock like NKE. Predictability, dependability, and financial stability is sexy, as that is what will make you richer.


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Ron Groenke

Ron Groenke was a NASA mathematician who discovered the stock market secret to low risk and big payoffs. He created an algorithm utilizing techniques he learned at NASA, and adapted them to the stock market with returns of 20-25%, winning 80 percent of the time. Ron is the Founder of StreetWinning.com

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