Jonathan Rose

How to Put the Odds of Success Massively in Your Favor with OTM Options

By Jonathan Rose, ActiveDayTrader.com

“18-Year Options Trading Veteran BLOWS AWAY the Myths, Misconceptions, Miscommunications... and Outright Lies About This Formerly ‘Forbidden’Method to Trade Options!”

It’s true.  Most so-called “professional” options traders would never even consider trading options this way. 

“Trading options using this strategy is the Kiss of Death!” they say. 

“It’s a sure way to lose your money!” they exclaim. 

“The odds are totally against you... there’s no possible way this strategy can work! “they shout. 

“You might as well play the Powerball Lottery! Your chances of making money using this method is about as good!” they grouse. 

“Just a crap shoot” they complain.

Bottom line, most trading experts advise amateur (and even most professional) traders to avoid this option trading method like the plague! To them, it’s the surest way to the poorhouse. Just won’t work. An exercise in utter frustration.  So, what is this despised, pariah method of options trading that most trading “gurus”won’t touch with a 10-foot pole? It’s...Trading Way Out-Of-the-Money-Options!

The allure of OTM options is understandable. Simply stated, it’s because they are dirt cheap!  Why are they so cheap? Simple. It’s because the odds of OTM options making money for you are slim to none. 

Or at least that’s the “conventional wisdom” from the so-called options trading experts.  But what if there were “certain ways” to sway the odds massively in your favor when trading out-of-the-money options?  What if there were specific “loopholes” in the options market you could exploit... to the tune of triple-digit (and higher) percentage gains you could consistently bank...virtually overnight?

How would your life change if you knew how to score those 107%, 203%, 568%, 951%... even occasional overnight cash windfalls of 2,200% and more (yes, that’s possible... I have proof). Well, if all this sounds like just a pipe dream, trust me...it’s not.  It’s how I learned to trade options in the first place.


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Jonathan Rose

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In 1998, Jonathan began his 18 year trading career on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he was a key player in providing liquidity to the young Globex market.