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Staff Writer

Staff Writer


The History of Presidential Coins

If a picture tells a thousand words, Presidential coins will tell a thousand stories. Coins have always played a significant role in societies in terms of tender and historical significance. Patriotic coins that have been developed to commemorate and honor the memory of Presidents and their accomplishments, also immortalizes them in American history and reaffirms their impact on American culture, and ideals.

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Three Key Indicators for Trading Credit Spreads

Peter Schultz, CashflowHeavenPublishing.com

There is something valuable in watching a chart develop over time.

It’s interesting to note how much value early stock traders reported receiving from manually plotting a chart with pencil and paper back before computers became commonplace.

These traders swore that because of the painstaking method of tracking a stock by hand they got to know its movement intimately. It’s like getting to know the personality of the stock—the moods and patterns of what the stock is doing—-and likely to do next.

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How Candlestick Signals Can Keep You on the Right Side of a Trend

Stephen Bigalow, CandlestickForum.com

In this short video, I am going to demonstrate that if you if you properly identify trend analysis with candlestick signals, you are essentially stacking all of the probabilities in your favor.

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See Which Stocks are Set to Soar & Crash Next

Ron Haydt, FinanChill.com

Knowing which stocks are set to soar or crash can be the difference between having another so-so year or an amazing year.  In this short video, we'll show you the best performing stocks based on three words... Proven Track Records.

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