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Staff Writer

Staff Writer


The History of Presidential Coins

If a picture tells a thousand words, Presidential coins will tell a thousand stories. Coins have always played a significant role in societies in terms of tender and historical significance. Patriotic coins that have been developed to commemorate and honor the memory of Presidents and their accomplishments, also immortalizes them in American history and reaffirms their impact on American culture, and ideals.

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A Simple Low-Risk, High Probability Options Strategy

Chuck Hughes, ChuckHughes.com

Stocks in a price up trend do not advance in a straight line. There are always price corrections or retrenchments along the way. Like the tide there is an ebb and flow in the price movements in stocks. This is the natural order of the markets . . . stocks advance and then the price declines inevitably as profit taking occurs.

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How to Be In Sync with the Overall Trend

Steve Primo, ProTraderStrategies.com

After all these years of research and spending money, is trading consistency still eluding you? Have you given up your search for the perfect trading method? The statistics show that only 5% of traders will be consistently profitable while the majority of all traders will eventually lose money. How is it possible that such a small percentage of traders is able to consistently capture profits? Simple, they’re in sync with the overall trend. Many traders find out what the trend is from chat rooms, tons of indicators, or by listening to so-called trading gurus, but in this presentation Steven Primo reveals a tool that shows just how simple it is to be in sync with the overall trend, regardless of what market or time frame you are trading. That tool is the “Buy/Sell Line.”

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A Simple Way to Generate Consistent Income

Geoffrey A. Smith, DTItrader.com

There are many ways to trade options or use options in trading.  Many people trade options for the sole reason that they are much cheaper than trading stock.  It is kind of interesting that it is rare to find an options trader that would ever buy a stock, or a stock trader that would ever buy an option.  I believe that both camps are wrong.  You need to be able to trade both, or at least take advantage of both.  The reason for this is that if you trade stock, you can minimize risk and maximize gain using options.  If you trade options, you do not get the full benefit of the stock’s move if you are right, and you run the risk of being assigned the stock, which scares options traders, and it shouldn’t.  I’m not going to get into the fundamentals of options, but let’s digress for a paragraph or two to get some understanding before we talk about the strategy I want you to learn.

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