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Moving Average Crossover Tactics

Cam White | June 22, 2021

One of the most fundamental technical analysis tools that traders start off with is the moving average indicator. A few weeks ago I presented a short tutorial on utilizing the moving average indicator for short term trading. I demonstrated the best settings and presented a few demonstrations so that traders could get a good feel […]

Hunting for Short-Term Pullbacks

Cam White | June 9, 2021

Today I’m going to you one of my all-time favorite indicators to help you identify high probability trading opportunities in different market conditions. One of my all-time favorite indicators is the RSI Oscillator, which stands for relative strength index. The RSI is classified as a momentum oscillator, measuring the velocity and magnitude of directional price […]

Using the Guppy Method to Trade Volatile Markets

Cam White | June 1, 2021

In this video, I am going to show you how to deploy an easy to use strategy that works in any market, and in any time frame. In fact, it also works quite well with Options. It is purely based on technical analysis, and not on fundamentals. This strategy is based on the Guppy Multiple Moving Average […]

Leveraging Market Forces to Your Advantage

Larry Gaines, | May 25, 2021

After decades of trading, most all major markets, the biggest trading lesson learned is the importance of using options for the unmatched trading benefits they offer. Options, used correctly, can provide any trader a much higher degree of trading success due to the defined, controlled risk and great leverage for generating Big Gains. At Power […]

Price Action Strategies

Vince Vora, | May 19, 2021

It’s always amazing to learn about the habits of successful traders. From the thousands of traders that I’ve coached over the years, some of these common habits are risk-avoidance, sound money management and the ability to keep emotions in check. But more importantly than having these habits is having the discipline to apply them consistently. […]

A Simple Low-Risk, High Probability Options Strategy

Chuck Hughes, | May 5, 2021

Selecting a Low-Risk Entry Point One of the simplest but most effective entry timing indicators are the Keltner Channels which can quickly and easily be downloaded from investing websites such as Steps for down loading the Keltner Channels follow. The Keltner Channels function as an overbought/oversold indicator that can help us select a buy point […]

How to Gain an Edge with the Moon Setup

Steven Place, | April 27, 2021

Tired of Being Chopped Up To Death? Tell me if you’ve heard of this. You’ve put in the work. You found your favorite stock, double-checked the fundamentals, triple-checked your favorite technical indicator… Time to pull the trigger and buy. The good news is the stock doesn’t absolutely fall out of bed as soon as you put on […]

My Favorite Reversal Indicator – The Moving Average Cross

Larry Gaines, | April 20, 2021

    After decades of trading, most all major markets, I’ve learned that the key to trading success, in any type of market environment, starts with market direction. In this video, I’ll show you a how to use the moving average indicator for trading market reversals and it works across all markets. THE MOVIE: MY […]

How Candlestick Signals Can Keep You on the Right Side of a Trend

By Stephen Bigalow, | April 12, 2021

In this short video, I am going to demonstrate that if you if you properly identify trend analysis with candlestick signals, you are essentially stacking all of the probabilities in your favor. Let’s start with candlesticks. Candlesticks give us a clear picture of investor sentiment, providing graphic depictions of human emotions. For example, with candlestick […]

See Which Stocks are Set to Soar & Crash Next

By Ron Haydt, | March 31, 2021

Knowing which stocks are set to soar or crash can be the difference between having another so-so year or an amazing year.  In this short video, we’ll show you the best performing stocks based on three words… Proven Track Records. We’ll also highlight how to target potential income based on how the stock has historically […]

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